Compared to most web series, which premiere a few short months after principal photography, The Mercury Men has a long period of post-production. In fact, leading up to it's release this fall, post-production will have run just shy of a whole year. So what's taking so long?

Effects, effects, effects. TMM features quite a few of them. There's FIFTY special effects shots in just the FIRST episode! As a point of reference, the original Star Wars (pre-special edition) featured around 300 special effects. We're already a 6th of the way there with 9 more episodes to go. I (Chris) promise you haven't seen a series like this one.

Now mind you, a great story special effects do not make. We've seen too many empty and soulless films with outstanding effects. But like Luke & Han dodging blaster fire and Indy surrounded by the mysterious power the Ark, they can make a good story really exciting.

What other great movies were complimented with stellar special effects?


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  2. Very exciting stuff guys!!! Who's doing the effects work? What programs are being used? Doing it yourselves?


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