I'm going to begin filming some behind-the-scenes videos (featuring some of the questions you asked HERE on the blog), but as you can see from the picture, my home office is in need of some serious work if it's going to serve as a film location. So I turn to YOU for help!

Calling all artists out there to submit a great sci-fi, pulp, or film art print.

Submit your work, whether it's a piece you've already made or a Mercury Men inspired print, and help turn the walls of this home office into "Mercury Control." As a thank you, I'll feature your work in a behind-the-scenes video and provide viewers with a link to your site.

To submit, either post a link to the image here in the comments section or email me directly at chris [at] mercurymenpictures [dot com]. Please make sure that the image resolution is high enough to print.

Not an artist? That's okay too. Do you know of some great art online? Post the link!

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