My inbox is still recovering from one of the coolest emails I've received since embarking on this journey of lightning bolts and glowing men. Zack Finfrock of Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter sent us this amazing piece of fan art featuring all the Mercury Men characters.
Zack NAILED the characters, from the Containment Suit Invaders scrawny necks and lifeless stares to the lacing on the side of Jack's jacket. Since I've got a hi res version of the file, we're making it available for YOU to download as well!

You can check out Zack's artwork HERE, and his webseries Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter. And let this be an open call to all you artists out there. Send us some Mercury Men inspired artwork and we'll gladly feature it and your other work here on the Mercury blog.

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  1. I wish I had the mad skills to do artwork for this...not to mention my self! :)
    I was at FanExpo this weekend and saw quite a few artists who could do great things with the Mercury Men characters.


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