One long trip back from Indianapolis and we're home from GenCon. Beyond two great screenings and Q&A, sessions here's some highlights and links from the weekend.

We screened alongside the RPG web series GOLD. It's a great series for gamers by gamers about gamers and contains this hilariously nerdy bit of dialogue: "I'm gonna crush you like a glass golem at a stone elemental convention." Watch the series at http://www.goldtheseries.com and get that great quote on a t-shirt.

We discovered another black and white sci-fi web series AIDAN 5. Not only were the creators really great to talk to, their series has a neat "Blade Runner meets the A-Ha Take On Me video" (their words) look to it. You can watch the first episode of AIDAN 5 at http://www.aidan5.com.

Played a great game called THE ADVENTURERS that's just dripping with Raiders of the Lost Ark goodness, complete with giant rolling stone ball, closing walls, and dangerous tile paths.

Although I didn't get to attend their screening (where they sold out of all their DVD's), I did get to meet the creators behind THE TRANSIENT. What is The Transient? The only thing you need to know is Vampire Abraham Lincoln! Watch it now at http://www.killvampirelincoln.com.

Two more games that I absolutely loved: MONSTERPOCALYPSE (giant fighting monsters ala Godzilla or Ultraman) and WINGS OF WAR (biplane dogfighting!)

And lastly, my friend Geoff came to the convention and he looked like this:

We love him for that.

If you've never been to GenCon and ANY of this sounds intriguing we urge you to attend. Always have a blast. And a special thanks to everyone that attended the screenings.

Any other conventions out there we should be checking out?

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  1. Aiden5 suprises in the end! Im in!


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