Break out the old 2600 and hook up the console TV because here come The Mercury Men! In 1982, after the success of the arcade and console hit Berzerk, video game makers raced to get out a shooter of their own. The Mercury Men console game had players firing on invaders and dodging lightning all while climbing the floors of the building to reach the "brain."

Print out the game box art and cartridge for your DIGITAL PROPS collection. (Click on images for hi-res versions.)

NOTE: There was not actually a Mercury Men video game. We're just having some fun. But while were on the subject, what is your favorite Atari game?

Console television photo courtesy of webshots.


  1. Great Job, Chris!
    As for my fav Atari Game heres a few: KABOOM, Berzerk, Barnstorming, Breakout, and of course Fishing Derby
    P.S. Let me know if you ever want a rematch in Frog Pong! I know will take you out next time with tanks in Combat!

  2. Some favs...Pitfall, Burgertime, Raiders of the Lost Ark and KABOOM.
    I miss my Atari!

  3. JOUST!! no contest! You actually got to fly in that game, in circles, but flying none the less!!

  4. I loved all the two player games: Combat, Video Olympics, and Warlords.

    I will always have a special place in my heart for Pitfall! though, especially the rope swing Tarzan music.

  5. Everything looks fantastic as always. Superman was my favorite.

  6. Megamania!

    -Matthew Sanborn Smith

  7. I was into video games during the very first wave, so I like the really old school Atari stuff: Space Invaders, Asteroids, Defender, and Berzerk were my faves.

    I'd have totally played a Mercury Men game, though!

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  9. That was long ago, I couldn't remember what Atari game I was playing. But I remember playing Mario on Family computer. And gaming console has evolved; at to this point I am now playing mostly Download Games. I am thrilled in every games, and having so much fun.

  10. I never had any of those games, but I did have Wing Commander on the 3D0 system (does anybody remember that?) Currently, I'm playing X-Men Legends II: The Rise Of Apocalypse on a system that's now old-the Nintendo Game Cube!


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