One year ago today we began principal photography on The Mercury Men. (I know what you're thinking, "And it's still not out?" We're going as fast as we can!) I'm actually a bit shocked it's already been a full year since we had our great cast/crew together and I'm eagerly looking forward to the day when I can hopefully pull them all back again for round 2. While principal photography is typically the most stressful part of filmmaking, it's also the most rewarding. For a brief period of time you have a small family working together over long hours every single day, pushing themselves to tell as good as story as possible. Late nights, sleeping on living room floors, eating a homecooked dinner donated by a crew member's mother, shots that sometimes take forever to get right, and the shared joy when you finally do. Any other filmmaker or stage/screen actor has similar experiences I'm sure. Glowing men from Mercury and lightning bolts are great and all, but the relationships you build are far more important.

One year later and we're deep into post-production. (About halfway through and gaining speed.) And while it's in this phase that I finally get to see everyone's hard work come together, they're not all around to share in it anymore. They head back to day jobs or other film work. It's just me, an editor, and a computer. Sure, I share rough cuts when possible, but it's a different atmosphere. We've already lived the experience, now we're just trying to recapture it and share it with a whole new audience, you.

We're really proud of what we're creating and we really think you're going to enjoy the ride. We are honestly working ridiculously hard to not only give you a great story and unique experience, but an invitation into the Mercury Men family. To see who, how, and why it's made and to contribute some thoughts and creativity of your own.

So to commemorate our one year anniversary, I've got two new things to announce:

1) MERCURY MONDAYS. We will begin consistently releasing new content every single Monday. Behind-the-scenes videos, digital props, sneak previews, and more. That doesn't mean we'll be limited to one thing per week, just that we want to make sure there's AT LEAST one thing per week. We're also really hoping that our series encourages viewers to contribute items of their own, be it fan art or digital props. So if you've got a talent, please feel free to add to the Mercury Men world.

2) CAST AND CREW. I'm going to begin highlighting different cast and crew members by sharing a bit about them and their previous work. I'll share links and videos, and when possible, give you access to ask questions about their specific field.

And lastly, a THANK YOU to you the viewer. I'm absolutely thrilled to have you along and hope that you both enjoy yourself and join in the conversation. We're always talking here on the blog, on Facebook, and Twitter about not only Mercury Men, but other great sci-fi films, books, and games. Introduce yourself, post a question, answer a question, or just simply say hello!

That's all for now. Happy Anniversary to all the Mercury Men team. And to everyone else, see ya on Monday.


  1. Congrats on the process for you and your team.

    Tom Konkle
    Producer - Writer - Star
    Safety Geeks: SVI

  2. We're right behind you. We're about a month from our 1 year anniversary for principal photography. I can identify with what you are saying. Good luck the rest of the way!

  3. Dude, sounds rawking~!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    This is a very anticipated series, and I think we're all rooting for you guys and gals, and the great work you're doing.

  5. I've been following the development of your show for some time. As a producer of micro-budget fare, I know the intense labor that goes into it. Keep up the good work!

  6. Many thanks for all the incredibly kind encouragement. We're dying to show as much as can. Editing, compositing, and rendering, as fast our fingers can possibly go.

  7. The Mercury Men has been such a rewarding experience in my life and I cannot wait to continue building the story as well as the relationships...

  8. It's hard for me to believe it's been so many moons; one year since we began shooting The Mercury Men. I miss all you guys and can't wait to get back in it.


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