UPDATE: Got a bunch of great emails asking how people could help with the series. There's a BIG way you can help spread the word about the series. Email your favorite sci-fi blog or website and let them know about The Mercury Men. The more voices they hear talking about the series, the more likely they are to cover the different things we're doing with it. Below is the contact info for some of the top sci-fi/film blogs.

I (Chris) get a lot of emails and Twitter messages all asking the same thing: WHEN IS THIS SERIES COMING OUT? (On some occasions I've even been literally shaken by people as they shout this.) It seems that every release of a digital prop or production journal is greeted with both a mixture of joy for something new and frustration that it's not the first episode. Believe me, I want the series to release even more than you do! (Especially episode 6. I REALLY like episode 6.) So I figured I'd give an update on our progress.

The Mercury Men's post-production period is MUCH longer than most web series because the great number of visual effects (over 300 shots). We're a small company so the task of editing and compositing lies on myself and my co-editor Tyson. (On a side note I constantly sing while I edit, so poor Tyson has to listen to me warble everything from Here Comes Santa Claus to the theme song to Reading Rainbow.) The good news is post-production is winding to a close. We intend to have the entire series completed by the end of the year if not early January.

Well if the series is almost done, why no premiere date? A release date has not been announced because we are currently considering offers for a distribution/sponsor partner. We want to make sure that we can release it to as wide of an audience as possible and that we can afford to produce a second volume of episodes (season 2 is shaping up to be pretty kick A). We've got two fantastic agents at ICM, George Ruiz and Shan Ray, getting The Mercury Men in front of the right eyeballs. Even this week we've been having a barrage of studio meetings and the reception has been ridiculously good. So while these things do take time, it won't be much longer until the series lands in the right home.

Until then we're going to continue to produce and release as much as we possibly can aside from actual episodes. We've even got plans for a few short prequel episodes which (fingers crossed) we may be able to release before years end.

Our endless thanks for being an early viewer/supporter of the series. We're really aiming to share a great experience with you. And as always, if you've got a question/comment, post it in the comments section, on Facebook, or Twitter.


  1. HAHAHA! Reading rainbow..nice. dude no rush man, in my opinion, you guys are doing a heck of a job being indie as you are to pull together resources to make this project look as you have (from the trailers and vid journals). and your work shows that u deilver (Captain Blasto). so take your time and do what you do.

    Mc ( and thats not the McG that muffed Terminator)

  2. Don't worry , I agree ! take your time , Good things come to those who wait !!!

  3. I have been really excited about this series for a while, and to hear you may have even more support behind you is super cool! Congrats and keep up the good work.

  4. I've might have sent you a few of those obnoxious tweets asking when the series will be out, so sorry for that.

    Hopefully you guys find someone who will help you distribute the series. From what we've all seen and heard, it looks really good, and I can't wait until you're able to premire it!

    P.S.-Hopefully you guys can get this premired before the end of the year so you can be considered for Streamy contention this year!

  5. I'm psyched...but i can wait too.
    This thing will kick ass and it's all about delivery with a project like this- getting it out the right way is priority one.

  6. All I need to know is where can I get DVD copy and T-Shirt!

  7. Thanks for all the great comments and your continued support! And we don't mind you asking when the series is coming out. Just means you're looking forward to it which we really appreciate.

  8. Why don't you guys upload the concept short that you showed at the San Diego Comic-Con a couple of years back? That was how I first found you guys, and it was really, really good!

  9. awesome i cant wait

  10. I cant wait too, but Id rather the finnished result be as good as possible.

    What I really, really, hope is this goes on to become a strong webseries and not a messy sale-out situation as what happened to Sanctuary.

    I'd happy pay per view, watch adverts or buy a independent dvd. But please dont have some US-only viewing set up.


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