Friday, April 2nd. That's the day I hand over the full picture locked season of The Mercury Men. Right now we're finishing up music, along with the first pass sound design, for episode 10. (I do the first round of sound design myself before passing it off to the much more talented guys at Market Street Sound.)

Tomorrow will be final adjustments to the score/sound of episode 10. Thursday I'll be previewing the entire series on DVD, since you tend to miss stuff while looking at it on a computer monitor the entire time. And then this weekend will be preparing and packaging the episodes for delivery for final sound mix and contrast correction. That much closer to being able to finally show you the series.

I've had the opportunity to watch the entire series through a few times and I've noticed a few things. The best word I can describe the series is FUN. It's like a live action comic book. Cliffhangers, sense of humor, ray guns, and all sorts of great science fiction. Other times the series feels like a science fiction fairy tale. A crazy, over-the-top 12 hours in the life of Edward Borman.

I've already got an outline together for season 2, which is turning out to be a bit darker and more intense, but before we get there I'm really excited for you to share in the FUN of season 1.


  1. I really like how the black and white makes it "contrast correction" instead of "color correction" haha.


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