Had a chance to show half of my family episodes one through nine of The Mercury Men tonight. Not only was it great to finally be able to share what had caused their son/brother to disappear for so many months, it was also a blast to experience it with my 9 year old brother. He shouted suggestions on how Jack and Edward could defeat the glowing invaders, smiling proudly when he guessed correctly a few times. He desperately wanted both a Lumiere light revolver and a brain-in-a-jar for himself. And most importantly, he wanted to know more and more about the world of The Mercury Men, eager to see the further adventures of the League.

While I assume the average age of web series viewers is probably a bit higher than elementary school, and the vast majority of web content is aimed at 16+, it was very important to our team that our story and fictional world be both fun and appropriate to children. (After all, younger viewers that may miss it online will have the opportunity to see the series by other means, such as DVD.) Part of our goal is too capture and share even a fraction of what we felt watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones years ago to both those who remember it first hand and a younger generation of viewers. While I realize my family is not a completely unbiased test audience, tonight was a really good confirmation that we aimed in the right direction.


  1. ¬¬"
    Yes...sure....we will all act totally different from a 9 year old boy....because we are all grownups here...sure...

  2. Congrats! That sounds very cool. So when do WE get to see it?


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