We're lining things up to make the collector's glass, and the fun retro commercial we shot for it, available this coming Monday. The commercial was an absolute BLAST to film. It was a quick shoot with some of the supporting cast of The Mercury Men, and the editing has turned it into ridiculous retro goodness. While the actor's and humor are a giveaway, the VHS artifacting, synth soundtrack, and neon graphics will have you swearing this was recorded from TV in the 80's.

As for the glasses themselves, I'm really impressed with their quality and I'm really excited for some of you to see them first hand. (I've been drinking from no other cups or glasses since I got my hands on one!) These glasses really were inspired and motivated by you core viewers/readers. I view these glasses as a fun and memorable item from The Mercury Men world for that core group, and therefore we're trying to price them as low as possible, just enough to cover the cost. Trust me when I say they are VERY limited edition.

So make sure you stop back here Monday morning for a look at our goofy commercial and a chance to pick up some sweet bar ware.

*Photo by/of my agent George Ruiz claiming his glass a week early.


  1. Matthew McLachlanMay 5, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    really, really cool..nuff said.

  2. Nicely done! Can't wait to order!


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