Like the rest of the world, I really dug the new Star Trek. It felt really refreshing to see well done science fiction set in space again. It seems like fantasy and super heroes have ruled the box office for over a decade now. Highlights for me were J.J. Abrams fantastic direction (did GREAT things with his space action sequences), Chris Pine, and of course Karl Urban's great take on Bones McCoy. I'm more of a Star Wars guy myself, so my Star Trek knowledge is pretty limited, but the movie really made me want to go back and watch the original series, especially being the retro fan that I am.

What's your thoughts on the film? And also, is it work seeing again in IMAX?


  1. I saw the movie on an Imax screen and it is AWESOME! The only downside is that it can be hard to see everything if there is a lot happening on screen. It also really exaserbates the 'hand held' nature of some of the scenes. I don't mind a little camera shake, when it it's that big it's horrible.

    Brilliant movie. Loved the easter eggs (Uhura's drinks order and the victim of Scotty's teleporter 'experiment'), and great to see another Kiwi in a big role.

  2. I loved it all. But just one little thing kept driving me crazy, what was with all the lens flares? It was like someone just got their first copy of After Effects or something.

  3. While I typically agree about lens flare use, surprisingly I actually liked them in this. They were used similarly in Die Hard (although I'm sure these ones were digitally inserted). It helped make me feel like the camera was actually "there."

    Your comment gives me a great idea for a comedy short about lens flares where the lens flare is actually a character in the story.


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