I've got an 8 year old brother named Peter. (Which means my six siblings range from me, 29, all the way down to 8!) For the past couple years Peter has been at that age where the films I make aren't just stories that his big brother filmed, they're adventures his big brother has lived. He thought I was a super-hero for three years after seeing Captain Blasto. So part of the inspiration for our digital props series is that for every piece I make, I can print it out and give it to him as a relic of some great adventure out there. Tomorrow he'll be getting a few posters, an orbital map, and a blueprint for a ray gun.

Do you remember Indiana Jones' leather notebook from Raiders? The one he used to calculate the position of the Staff of Ra? And of course any Indy fan would remember the Grail Diary. Well every time they would crack open one of those books on screen, even to this day I can feel my body sitting up, trying to peek over. This guy has been on great quests. That little book has to be filled cover to cover with notes, sketches, and artifacts detailing every dangerous catacomb and ancient puzzle. I just wanted to snatch the book right out of his hands. In fact a few people have come as close as you can get - Indy Props and Quest for Gear.

While we've only released a few so far, I really hope our digital props can capture some of that for you. I hope they're as mysterious and fun for you to see as they are for me to make. And if you're enjoying what you see of Mercury Men thus far, I'd encourage you to actually print the props out. Or at the very least make a folder where you can save the images for yourself. We've got a great big story to tell, a story that pours over the edges of the videos themselves.

Is there some film prop you've always wanted to snatch out of the film, aside from the obvious lightsaber and Hoverboard of course.


  1. Dude you know what be cool, that book Gandalf was reading in Moria! That or Ash's "boomstick!"

  2. I've always been fond of the Predator's "Self-Destruct" mechanism on his forearm.

  3. Practically anything out of 70's/80's british Sci-fi shows (Doctor Who, Blake's 7). Also ha d a burning desire to crawl-around the sets of The Time Tunnel, but I think I'm getting a bit off track. (BTW, Love the 50's/60's Kodak slide frames)


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