Found this great little promotional site for newest season of Mad Men, an amazing show which I've unfortunately seen little of. I do hope to one day hire their production designer to design my home. If you go to http://www.madmenyourself.com you can make a nifty little 60's Shag styled character of yourself, like the one I made above of our beloved Edward Borman.

So far we've released three posters: the advance and two special Apollo 11 anniversary editions. I'm currently working on one of the official one sheets. These posters designs will feature the actual characters, as not to confuse people into thinking this is an animated story. I'm not quite there yet with the design, but thought I'd give you a quick peek into the process.

What's your favorite movie poster of all time?
What's a RECENT movie poster you really like?


  1. Well one of my favorites of all time is def. "Stand By Me." I love the simplicity of it with the four principles silhouettes walking along the country side. There is such a warmth and innocence about this poster that conflicts with the actual story of the film.

    also pretty much every struzan poster

  2. Curt is lying Chris, he prefers any poster with Fred Savage as a ten year old posing..that is what he had on his wall growing up.
    I myself yearn for the beautiful and flamboyantly gay poster of Michael Jackson in his pale yellow and white suit-outfit...from his Thriller days..that used to hang above my sister's bed..covering up part of the Strawberry Shortcake art that my dad painstakingly painted on our wall!


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