We're adding a second contest to coincide with our dialogue entry contest. We've got a League character (the very one you've been contributing dialogue for in our contest), we need YOU to name him! Simply enter a name for our new space explorer in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook. If your entry is selected you are now the proud parent of a character in The Mercury Men and the owner of an autographed poster. Make sure to include some sort of contact info along with your entry.

Here's some hints:
-As I've mentioned in the production journals, the League is based on American astronauts. Check out some of their names for inspiration.
-While this is a pulp series, we're steering clear of over-the-top names like Blake Jetsetter and Max Moonbeams.
-This League Member is younger and not as high ranking as Jack.


  1. Zack Finfrock. There's a great name. :D

  2. Bit patriotic here and a bit of the line:
    Frank Winner

    Based on Frank De Winne, the first ESA astronaut to command a space mission (just last year) and a Belgian (like me). ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_De_Winne )

  3. Does the member have to be a guy? It doesn't say so anywhere in the hints, but then again based on the time period women probably weren't let into the league?

    Female Name: Sue Kilrain
    Male Name: Brewster Shaw

  4. Cody Conrad (for Commando Cody and Pete Conrad)

  5. Patrick Shawn BennettJanuary 12, 2010 at 4:50 PM

    I think his name should be Jackson Corbit.

    I am under your facebook friends list as Patrick Shawn Bennett

  6. Harrison Scobee (last name taken from F. Richard Scobee, who was killed in the Challenger explosion)

  7. Corry Carpenter, for the commander and the mercury astro.

  8. Joe Semar, for my Grandfather who was one of the many engineers that helped get Apollo 13 home

  9. Pete Chambers.
    Bill Stucker.
    Clarence "Cub" Cubcjeski.
    Marcus Halloville.

  10. Patrick "The Kid" Glen

    Matt McLachlan friend on Mercury Men Face Book
    *same Matt McLachlan who submitted a line for the previous contest.

  11. okay - here goes.

    (spoiler alert: my love affair with the periodic table and super-hero character traits collides - possibly idiotically, possibly brilliantly - below)

    the new character's name is: "Elliot A. Malgam" or, if you prefer "Elliot Malgam"

    Stay with me here...

    "Real" Elliot See (Astronaut, Gemini missions): worked at GE. was a highly educated/trained Naval officer, worked his way from "acting back-up pilot" to the point where he was promoted to command pilot on an upcoming mission (Gemini 9). But he never got to go because he crashed a test plane on-site - 500 ft. from where his spaceship was under construction. He was earnest, passionate and flawed, still learning, full of promise but a little bit dangerous to those around him. Note: this fate killed Elliot and another astronaut (also to board Gemini 9) and it came at such a time whereby it irrevocably changed the entire timeline of all future characters slated to travel on each mission thereafter... gorgeous (in a fictional / literary way).

    "TMM" Elliot: tie-in to the GE reference (Gravity Engine) and secure guaranteed "uncalculated" product placement income indefinately (they'll never cease to amaze the world with their wares and neither will you)... Possible naval officer-based character traits/skills are infinite on the idea of the way mercury and water play off of each other (in nature and in the series, going forward)... but there is a total real relationship & consequences existing btwn. Hg and H20.. it would be amazing to write / use / draw on these going forward. Then there is the idea of an outsider joining/rising hrough the ranks like the real Elliot did. I'm not suggesting that TMM Elliot dies a horrible death ultimately, but if not (really, either end fate) I'm just saying: there is something gorgeous there.

    Now for the "A. Malgam" explanation: see "amalgam" (wiki, google, high school chemistry books)... he needs the middle initial so it's not "too obvious"... but an amalgam is a substance formed by the reaction of some other substance with mercury. Almost all metals can form amalgams with mercury, except iron and platinum (also usable). It can be used to "extract" things (like gold from ore) or it can result in totally new things. The point is, for our character... it is about the reaction/what is now formed with his addition to the current suite of Mercury Men? ominous, dangerously suggestive destruction-infused background music...

  12. Brad Madjewski - friends call me Mad Brad!!
    Twitter: @nerdoh

  13. Glenn Chaffee (from Glenn Curtis and John Glenn, and Roger B. Chaffee)

    Hugh Grissom (Howard Hughes and Gus Grissom)

    Jeff Goddard (Jeff King-Rocketman, Jeff Tracey-Thunderbirds/International Rescue and Robert Goddard)

  14. Alan Charles Edwins (Alan Sheppard, Charles "Chuck" Yeager, and Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin)

    initials : ACE
    nicknames: ACE, "Chuck" Edwins, AC
    dislikes: "only my Mother calls me Alan"
    likes: likes winning.... always being first...



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