Announcing the winners of our Dialogue and League Member Name contests! The pair of winners will have their submission used in the season finale of The Mercury Men. All winners and runners-up get an autographed poster.

Thanks to everyone for entering. There will be PLENTY of more opportunities for you to contribute to the world of The Mercury Men.

Winning Line of Dialogue - "What were you expecting?" submitted by Havoc
While it's a relatively simple and straightforward line compared to some of the other entries, and we made a small adjustment to it on set (changed to "Is it what you were expecting?"), I really like Havoc's submission because it worked on multiple levels. Not only did it work in scene, it speaks to the viewer (Is the story heading in a direction you expected?), and it spoke to me as a creator (Was the experience what you expected?)

Winning League Member Name - "Patrick Glen" submitted by Matthew McLachlan
Nearly all the entries where a combination of real American astronaut names and after trying many of them on set, Matthew's submission fit the character the best.

Runner-Up League Member Name - "Joe Semar" submitted by Virtualbri
Great real world connection. Virtualbri's grandfather was an engineer during the Apollo 13 mission. We're hoping to use this name for a character in season 2.

Runner-Up League Member Name - Elliot Malgam submitted by Carol
For the incredibly IN DEPTH backstory to the character name.


  1. awesomeness!

  2. ...You mean I won? Seriously? Woah!

  3. Matthew and Havoc, shoot your mailing address to email@mercurymenpictures.com so we can get your posters shipped out to you.

  4. Carol and Virtualbri, we're gonna need your mailing address' as well!


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