Today, while previewing episodes one through nine, before shipping them off for final sound mix and contrast correction, I had the opportunity to watch the entire completed story arc of The Mercury Men Vol. 1. What most of you don't know is that while we originally shot ten episodes, the climax was unwisely split over the final two, which KILLED momentum, leading us to combine the final episodes into one. That left us with nine episodes, an unusual number to try and sell. Therefore, we shot a tenth "epilogue" episode this past January, which is a great lead-in to our hopeful second volume/season of episodes. So that's a long way of saying that the nine episodes I was able to watch are the original "full" story arc.

While there was some mild frustration about the few nagging things I wish I could change, but unfortunately can't, I was immensely proud to see our vision beginning it's final transformation into it's finished form. Over the next weeks, before the rest of the world is invited into the story to both enjoy and critique, I get to watch these characters take on the obstacles I've been laying before them for nearly two years. And before we get bombarded with YouTube comments both great and terrible, I get to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship of our cast and crew

One of my great motivations for enduring what it takes to produce a story is just that I want to be able to see it myself. Today, after countless days and endless hours, I was able to do just that.

My other motivation? The community and discussion that's building around The Mercury Men world, so thanks to all of you for your incredibly kind comments and encouragement here, on Facebook, and Twitter. I can't wait to kick open the door and let you all see what I've been seeing.

Now to finish up episode ten!


  1. Home stretch now! You can do it!

  2. Your fans love you!!!!

  3. Matthew McLachlanMarch 11, 2010 at 2:22 AM

    let the games... begin!

  4. we are with you , man go go go !

  5. Awesome Chris. I'm blown away by your "incredible craftsmanship", hard work and vision.

  6. I'm pumped. A lot of people are. Everything you've done surrounding this project - the artwork, website, blog, research, stories, digital props, etc. - is amazing. And, you've remained kind and humble in the midst of it all. Thanks for your hard work and great example.


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