UPDATE: We're making it happen! From the moment we posted we've been getting lots of comments and emails of people who'd love to purchase a collector glass. We did some research and found a site that'll print them up for us at a reasonable rate (around $5 plus shipping). While it won't be the specific glass pictured below (need to include more characters), it'll definitely be vintage styled. We'll share the design and details with you soon!

We haven't had a digital prop in quite a bit due to the fact that we're using every spare minute to complete the series itself. But I thought I'd give you a look at something I was trying to put together. Collector glasses!

Nearly every blockbuster film of the 70's and 80's was celebrated by limited edition collector glasses usually for sale at a fast food joint. While dreaming up digital props to offer, our own Jack Yaeger (Curt Wootton) suggested collector glasses. Genius! The plan was to get a couple made and make them available on ebay for a few lucky fans. Unfortunately the cost to produce these is incredibly prohibitive (just one alone would cost nearly $100!) so this won't likely happen until we've got greater resources to draw from. In the meantime here's a peek at a mock-up I put together for it. (Click the image for larger version)


  1. that glass is sweet. maybe in conjunction with forward looking fast food chain...less than $100.00. I'd eat there all the time!!

  2. What about letting fans place orders for glasses, and if you get enough you could then place an order at a (hopefully) much lower price.


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